Students in grades K-5 participate in i-Ready math. Students in grades K-2 participate in i-Ready reading, while students in grades 3-5 participate in Achieve 3000 for reading.  Each student in grades K-5 should spend one hour per week on i-Ready math. Each student in grades K-2 should spend an additional hour per week on i-Ready reading. Each student in grades 3-5 should complete two Achieve 3000 reading articles per week and strive for 75% accuracy. All these tasks can be accomplished at school and at home. 
  User name: S plus student number
Password: 16 plus first four letters of student’s last name plus 2-digit birth month plus 2-digit birthday (Example: For student John Smith who was born January 14, the password would be 16smit0114.)

User name: S plus student number
Password:  Date of birth (8 digits)